Healthy communication is the key to harmonious homes and classrooms
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The Value Video
Each week you get a new Value Video that help to initiate the important discussions with your child.
Newsletter Article
Accompanying the Value Video are several supplementary resources like the article for the school newsletter
Accompanying Activity
And each week there are interesting activities that help your children to understand these ideas on a deeper level

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Let's be honest: with the busy lives we lead and with all of the constraints already placed on our time we don't always make the time to sit down to talk about the important topics with our kids and when we do we often don't know what to say. Value of the Week is an exciting online program that helps families and schools initiate these essential conversations. Each week we explore a different value such as honesty, patience and kindness via the Value Video. Conversations then flow freely because the discussion has already started. Schools and homes partnering together means there are greater returns on the lives of our children because of the  collaboration between the important adults in our children's lives.

About the presenter
Tim Heinecke
 has been a school teacher for over 20 years. He is also a dad to 4 gorgeous kids aged 15-8. His experience as an educator and a father gives him a unique perspective that ensures each Value Lesson is 'en pointe'