About the Student Engagement Institute
The Student Engagement Institute was established in order to assist parents and teachers make a real difference in the important work they do. Every product and service developed by the Institute must fit one simple criteria: to help educators and parents go about inspiring and motivating young people as it is this that will make our world a better place.

The Student Institute is Best Known For
The Student Engagement Institute is best known for award winning student well-being programs and teacher professional learning in addition to entertaining and enlightening parent workshops.

Check out some of the tips and tools from the Student Engagement Institute:

Student Engagement Audit - Measure and monitor the levels of engagement at your school

Value of the Week - A structured positive education program

Articles for Parents and Caregivers - Empowering parents towards greater heights

Tim HeineckeFounder of the Student Engagement Institute & father of four children, knows first hand the challenges faced by parents and teachers.
His engagement ideas have been featured in The SMH, The Daily Telegraph, The Age and he is a regular contributor to kidshealth.com.au and familymatters.com.au