Turning Your Teachers Into Celebrities
Are we celebrating the right type of celebrity?
Do you recall a time when you could go to a restaurant where the chef’s were kept out the back, out of sight in the kitchen? The extent of their accessibility was through their food that was dutifully delivered to your table by their messenger, the waiter.

What has changed that has turned the once anonymous masters of the kitchen into international superstars? What makes a chef such as Jamie Oliver a global brand? One who is accompanied with an endless line of kitchen gadgets, accessories and endorsed ingredients?

Their exposure in the media, or more specifically their social media strategy, has made that difference.

The Jamie Oliver brand spends millions of dollars promoting the good news stories he campaigns for, the charity work and clean living messages about the foods we and our children eat. The resulting effect of this is of course a healthy bank balance but more importantly a reputation that is trusted by many. An ability to influence others just by endorsing an idea or a cause.

Take a moment to consider how this idea might work with your school community.

What would be the benefits of creating local heroes at your school?

Championing the tireless efforts staff make to inspire their students; endless time spent after hours preparing motivational lessons; enthusiastically critiquing essays till the wee hours of the morning; perpetually giving of themselves in order to help even the most challenging of student understand a new concept.

The benefits of making known the enthusiasm and experience available at your school is far reaching.
Not only does it inform your parents they in turn go on to talk about these stories with others. This has the result of better communicating the wonderful achievements that happen all the time in your classroom, corridors and playgrounds.

It is as easy as putting together a simple yet regular schedule that communicates stories to your community about the amazing things happening within the school gates. It could be stories about why teachers chose the profession, testimonials from parents about the gains their children have made recently or case studies about recent innovative units of work happening in the classroom.

The possibilities are endless. Make it known, get the work out there.

After all the amazing work our teachers do each and every day has to be infinitely more important than the latest release of truffle oil from some trendy chef de cuisine right?
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