Young People Need To Learn Values
That Will Shape Their Future Selves
Young people today need to understand themselves… and the world they live in.

 Do you ever wonder how to help your students to be truly fulfilled and happy?

 When was the last time you connected with them, authentically?
Educators too often wonder...
● What can I do to improve how we communicate with each other?

● How do I help change my student’s negative behavioural patterns?

● Is there an easier, more effective way of making this happen? 

Communication is the foundation of ALL healthy relationships​. 
But too many young people struggle to communicate their feelings, experiences, frustrations, struggles, challenges, aspirations, doubts...

Combine this with the need to cover the curriculum & it's no wonder it is so HARD for teachers to identify and redirect destructive and unproductive behaviours.

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Many teachers struggle with...
● Engaging young people in relevant learning experiences

● Unproductive and sometimes dangerous behaviours

● New ways of communicating via emerging technologies

● Providing opportunities for our kids so they are positioned to compete in a global economic world

 Value of the Week is an engaging, weekly program that teaches valuable life skills to young people.
When staff, parents and students engage in collective education, and positive learning behaviours…

AMAZING things start to happen! Schools that actively develop the whole student through the Value of the Week program report clearer, more focussed classrooms.

By working together, teachers, parents and students can...
● Develop greater understandings of the people in their lives

● Discover new ways of working together

● Engage young people in relevant learning experiences

● Consolidate their collective beliefs and group agreements

How It Works

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Value of the Week Enables
1. Students 

To willingly take on new challenges as they are learning within a supportive environment. And realise the investment important adults contribute towards their ongoing development.

2. Educators

To better communicate important teachings.

3. Parents 

To be more aware and increasingly supportive of what’s being taught in the classroom.

Every week you’ll get to actively collaborate with your students, focusing on crucial facets of their development…
Working on and improving their values, personal and emotional traits and a host of specific life skills…


Their relationships with their friends, teachers

And their relationship with YOU.

Each week you’ll get to focus on one specific core value. Such as...
Caring For Ourselves

● Being A better Friend

● Productivity

● The Power of Words

The Value of Time

● Being Thoughtful

Pride In Our Appearance

● Appreciation

Owning Our Behaviour

Trusting Your Instincts




● Compassion

● Cooperation



And Many More
Here's what students are saying about the program...
Value of the Week let’s teachers, parents and students work together to create fantastic futures for our kids. 
With Value of the Week, finally you can

● Enable positive behavioural changes

● Build trust through open communication between school and home

● Create discussions about what’s important to us ­ our beliefs

So if you are looking for a breakthrough in your relationship with your child….
And you are ready to give your “young person” the skills and opportunity to become the best version of themselves…

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Some of the schools currently experiencing the benefits of Value of the Week:
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Teaches Kids Valuable Life Skills